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You start off with a carefully-garnered list of twelve agents. Then you send out your well-crafted book proposal. And then, your book proposal comes back.

Is this the end of the road?

Very few experienced writers would assume it is.

The agent may feel justified in rejecting your proposal because:

1)You misjudged the market  – for example, you have sent in a collection of colonial stories – reminiscent of Rudyard Kipling – when anti-imperialist views prevail in society as a whole.

2)You have misjudged the agent’s area of interest – you have sent the agent a book on military history when their main list (ie where they make their money and concentrate their efforts) contains romantic comedies.

3)Your prose style is poor. (ie you actually prefer wood-carving – or give that impression.)

4)Your plot is full of inconsistencies – Where was your mind when you were writing this? And have you made friends with your Inner Editor yet?

5)You haven’t got your MS polished and ready to go. (Well, really.)

These issues demonstrate a lack of professionalism. Remedies exist. (more…)

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