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The Writer’s Notebook is somewhere to keep a whole host of snippets and rehearsals. As well as a notebook dedicated to each creative project of length, I also keep a notebook for general writing bits and pieces garnered on my way through life. This may contain anything from the odd and brilliant title that comes to me in the middle of the night to a conversation (or snippet) overheard on a train. But you can soon generate a seriously-threatening amount of material. And the question is ‘Where next?’

Pick out some of your ideas – the strong ones are those you like best  – and think about the possibilities:

  1. Have you a clutch of memories leading towards a central theme? Could this be the basis of memoir or a journalistic piece?
  2. Have you found a captured moment with a strong character, good dialogue and an intriguing setting? This could grow into a short story.
  3. Do you want to describe a single significant autobiographical moment – using the power of language (sound, rhythm, imagery) to express it?  A poem, perhaps?
  4. Have you an unruly bunch of characters saying what they mean and don’t mean? Have you thought of drama?
  5. Are you impressed with the concept of using all of the above in broadstroke combination? Write a novel.

And this is just the beginning.

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