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Tomorrow’s Workshop

Today, I’m preparing for tomorrow’s workshop, Memory Tales – Fact & Fiction. This is taking place at Lingham’s Bookshop in Heswall as part of the Arts Festival. And as usual this will be a quart into a pint pot. You can’t do much more than a whistle stop tour of memoir-writing in one hour. Even so, I hope with games and exercises we’ll touch on:

  • Why write a memoir?
  • Truth & Memory & Ethics
  • How to write up your materials
  • Publication.

That should keep us busy.

If you’d like to come but can’t come tomorrow, contact me and – if there’s sufficient interest – I’ll establish a group of memoirists (on-line or physical or both) to offer support, coaching and critique over the coming months. 

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Hot News!

Not only publishers but agents are very scared at the moment. Self-publishing is now publishing (with no qualifier). And quality will be the driver.


At a Society of Authors (North) meeting, held yesterday in Manchester, these items constituted the good news in a talk given by Alison Baverstock, Professor of Publishing at Kingston University. I came away feeling that while much work lies ahead, the future is not so bleak as previously thought.

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